“On the windward bound I learnt a lot about myself that I am capable of doing more things then I expected. I couldn’t do everything by myself and if I ask for help things get done a lot quicker. For example when I was dish pig if there was two of us it wasn’t bad but when we had three is was so much quicker we had one person washing and one drying and then the third getting the dirty plates and giving the plates to them with the food.” – Bryce



"The trip was one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done and I would like to thank everyone that had any involvement in the trip whatsoever. From captain Sarah and the mates Bill and Suzie to the watch leaders and second deck hands. All the crew put in so much effort for the ship and they deserve nothing but praise for the work that they have completed. I would not hesitate to recommend the trip to anyone!”



“This has been such an uplifting experience for me (busy and full on as well) but the community spirit and generosity, and the excitement in the kids and the school community it has generated has been boundless….So I do thank you – not only for the opportunity for our students but for the opportunity to tap into the community in such a positive way."

Helen - a teacher supporting Joshua and Lisa