Turning Interest Into Action

David Boykett dedicated his life to the education and welfare of young people. Through his own sporting achievements as an Olympic Medallist, his teaching career, his formidable leadership and his selfless commitment, he has shown the way for many young people as they confront the myriad issues encountered on the path to becoming an adult.

In tall ship voyaging, David saw a unique, powerful and lasting experience to enable these young men and women to set new direction and purpose in their lives. The depth of David’s commitment to the benefits of tall ship voyaging has earlier been demonstrated through the salvaging, restoration and eventual operation of the Alma Doepel, a tall ship originally built in Australia in 1903 which had fallen into disrepair.      

David and an Advisory Committee first met in 2013 to establish this new endeavour in perpetuity, to fund the placement each year of deserving and needy young people to participate in a tall ship voyage, in the firm belief this will enhance their lives and help them find direction and purpose. Now in his honour we continue to fulfill his vision.